Features of .NET Framework in c#

NET framework provides a user friendly environment for developers to develop, run and deploy the following applications.
NET framework provides a consistent programming languauges to perform several tasks like connecting and retrieving databases, and reading from and writing files.

.NET framework class Library:

The .NET framework class library contains predefined classes which are useful for developers to develop code in applications. Microsoft has created these classes to develop the various applications. This library contains several namespaces and assemblies also.

Common Language Runtime (CLR):

The CLR creates the interoperability between different .NET languages, such as C#, visual basic, by providing common environment for the execution of code written any of these languages.
Every language in .NET has its own compiler, after compiling their codes in their compilers, MSIL code will be generated. This MSIL code is known as intermediate code. This intermediate code is common for all languages in .NET framework. So, CLR provides environment to execute intermediate code.
CLR Responsibilities:         
  • Garbage collection: CLR automatically clean up resources during the execution of the programs.
  • Jit compilation: CLR loads MSIL codes on jit-compilers for execute the code.
  • Code Access Security: in this, CLR provides security objects to access code during execution.
  • Automatic memory management: it has built in functions for allocate or de-allocate the memory of .NET objects.
  • Code verification: It is type safety and prevents code from illegal operations.

Common Type System (CTS):

Common type system provides support for multiple languages because it contains a type system that is common for all languages.CTS provides common data type system for all .net languages. It provides common type system that will use in MSIL code.
For example,
In C#, we have data type “int”.
In VB, we have data type for integer values “integer”.
But CTS uses the data type “system.int32” as a common data type for integer values. This data type is used for ‘int’ and ‘integer’ in MSIL code.

Common Language Specification (CLS):

Common language Specification is a set of rules, which provides interoperability between two .net languages.
CLS is a subset of CTS.
CTS provides rules to design application programming interfaces (API) which are used by all .net languages.

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