Alter Table Add Multiple Columns In Sql Server

Alter Table Add Multiple Columns SQL Server: In this tutorial, we will see how we can alter a table and add a column to it by the SQL query.

Alter Table Add Multiple Columns Sql Server

Sometimes we wanted to add an extra column after the creation of the table. SQL Server provides the query to add a new column in the old table with the desired data type.

Alter table statement is used to modify, add and drop a column from the table.

Let's see how we can do it.

Add a column in the table

alter table student add Std_Address varchar(500)

Add multiple columns to the table

alter table student add PinCode varchar(6),
Phone_No varchar(20)  

Alter column datatype

alter table student alter column PinCode varchar(8)

Rename column name using SQL query


EXEC sp_rename 'old_name', 'new_name' ['object_type'];


EXEC sp_rename 'student.PinCode', 'Pin_Code', 'COLUMN';

In this tutorial, we have learned how we can alter the table to add multiple columns and rename the column name.

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