What are the different ADO.NET namespaces are available in .NET?

* System.Data:This namespace is the base of ADO.NET. It provides all the classes that are used by data providers. The most import class that it supports is DataSet. It also contains classes to represent tables, columns, rows, relation and the constraint class.

* System.Data.Common:This namespace defines common classes that are used as base classes for data providers. These classes are used by all data providers. Examples are DbConnection and DbDataAdapter.

* System.Data.OleDb:This namespace provides classes that work with OLE-DB data sources using the .NET OleDb data provider.Example of these classes are as follows:

** OleDbConnection.
** OleDbCommand.

* System.Data.Odbc:It defines the data provider for the SQL Server database. It contains classes such as

** SqlConnection.
** SqlCommand.
** SqlDataReader

* System.Data.SqlClient:This namespace provides classes for specific data types for the SQL Server database.

What are the various methods provided by the dataset object to generate XML?

* Read XML
* Write XML

What are typed and untyped dataset?

Typed datasets use explicit names and data types for their members but untyped dataset uses table and columns for their members.

What is the default Timeout for SqlCommand.CommandTimeout property?

The default timeout of Sqlcommand. CommandTimeout property is 30 Seconds.

What is the difference between DataSet and DataReader?


* Consumer Object
* Provides Disconnected mode
* Forward and backward scanning of data
* Slower access to data
* Can store multiple table simultaneously
* Read/Write access


* Provider Object
* Provides Connected mode
* Forward* only cursor
* Faster access to data
* Supports a single table based on a single SQL query
* Read Only access

What is the difference between dataset clone and copy?

* Dataset Clone : It only copies structure does not copy data.
* Dataset Copy : Copies both structure and data.

What is the meaning of object pooling?

Object pooling is a concept of storing a pool (group) of objects in memory that can be reused later as needed. Whenever, a new object is required to create, an object from the pool can be allocated for this request; thereby, minimizing the object creation. A pool can also refer to a group of connections and threads. Pooling, therefore, helps in minimizing the use of system resources, improves system scalability, and performance.

What is the use of CommandBuilder?

CommandBuilder is used to build complex queries. It can even build commands that are based on the returned results. CommandBuilder is less error prone and more readable than the command object.

What is the use of Data View?

Data View represents a complete table or can be small of rows depending on some criteria. It is the best used for sorting and finding data with in data table.

What is the use of command Object?

There are used to connect connections object to Data reader or data set.
* Execute Non Query
* Execute Reader
* Execute Scalar

What property must be set and what method must be called in your code to bind the data from some data source to the Repeater control?

You must set the DataSource property and call the DataBind() method.

Can you edit data in Repeater Controler

No,It is readonly and forwardonly controler.